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The JNJG Online Shop is one of the many ways in which we are trying to offer services to the JNJG community to foster the development of the next generation of Australian Golfers. The online shop gives us the opportunity to provide a range of golf related products at a reasonable cost so that more parents and juniors have access to the right equipment and apparel they need so they can play golf.

As JNJG is a non for profit organisation, all proceeds from the online shop go back into the development of junior golf in NSW and allow us to offer lower prices on some of our products. 


We want to let our customers know that all information that is entered into our online shop is protected and will not be shared with any third party groups or organisations. We do not collect any data from transactions besides contact details in order to process your orders.


Our online shop accepts a wide range of payment options such as:

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments (for purchases at tournaments)

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